Reinforcement strips (cladding strips) to reinforce back and seat supports. These are available in three options: aluminium, stainless steel, and carbon fibre.

Pivots – to attach a back or seat support to a wheelchair. For more information go to this page: Pivot.

Standard covers (fabric + foam).

Pop-on covers – these are extremely easy and quick to attach to a back support, simply by clipping / 'popping' them into place.

Surface Modules – these are modular cushions / covers for back and seat supports.
The benefits of Surface Modules include:

  • No need for a customised cover, and therefore no delay while a customised cover is being manufactured
  • Uniquely, Surface Modules can be used with a customised shower support
  • With the user supported on the Surface Modules, the fit quality can be checked directly by the see-through Matrix design (in most seating systems the fit is hidden by the cover)
  • Cooler than standard covers due to increased air-flow around Modules
  • Surface Modules allow shearing, reducing injury risk
  • If pressure relief is an issue small adjustments to the underlying Matrix can give excellent pressure re-distribution