Heads First Case Study – Kate

Kate is an 18 year old with a genetically inherited muscle disorder, Congenital Muscular Dystrophy. The key problems with the old U-shaped headrest were poor alignment and support of her neck and head, a pressure point on her outer right ear and difficulty hearing due to the headrest blocking her right ear.

Kate with her old U-shaped headrest

Before with ‘U’ shaped headrest

With the new Black Bear designed specifically to address these problems, all of these issues were resolved.

After with Heads First

Kate says that "the headrest looks nice and is now less obtrusive and far more comfortable". The Bear provides good support around her occiput and the arms support around her ears reducing pressure and improving hearing. The system is so flexible the arms can be made longer or shorter and angled according to need. The improved alignment of Kate's neck has increased her ability to see to the left as she can now turn her head further to that side.

"I would never go back now"

Kate’s customized system