heads first

A unique head support range (for wheelchairs) combining comfort and shape adjustability for the best fit

(for standalone head support, see the Heads First Collar)


  • Shape adjustable for the best fit
  • Comfortable
  • Clearance for ears maximized (glasses and hearing aids are unimpeded)
  • Pressure is minimized
  • Many options – meeting every need
  • The unique shapes give the user stability, control and comfort
Panda Bear with head and neck extensions


Other benefits:

  • Machine washable covers
  • Low profile, cosmetic design
  • Adult and children's sizes available

Heads First can be attached with any 25mm mounting hardware.

Black Bear with head and neck extensions, our best-selling head support

In the UK, Rehabilitation Manufacturing Services (RMS) are the exclusive distributors of the Heads First range. We also have distributors in the following countries:

Australia – Seating Dynamics
Bahrain / Qatar – Green International Medical
New Zealand – DME
Sweden – Anatomic Sitt
United States – Matrix Seating USA

See our distributors page for contact details for the above distributors. If there is not a distributor listed for your country then please get in touch and we will do our best to help you.

The Panda Bear with attached mounting hardware
The Butterfly – standard / with extended head supports
The Penguin – standard / with extended head supports