Matrix Sheet

Customisable back and seat support

What is a Matrix Sheet?

The Matrix Sheet is the next step after the Matrix Active User and the Matrix Back. The Sheet is a complete back and seat support.

SheetsSheet Size
(mm / inches)
1Child660 x 457
26 x 18
2Adolescent864 x 508
34 x 20
3Small Adult1067 x 558
42 x 22
4Medium Adult1270 x 610
50 x 24
5Large Adult1168 x 762
46 x 30

There are three main options:

  • With purely 2-ball units
  • With purely 4-ball units
  • With 2-ball unit zones (see image above)

Key Features:

  • any connector, anywhere in a Matrix system can be flexible or rigid: 4-ball units, 2-ball units and 'Elbows'
  • flexible components for dynamic seating can be used creatively for position, pressure, spasm management and orthotic correction
  • based on 15 years experience in Sweden and in the UK – spinal correction is possible with Matrix – the only system in the world that allows this

Soften seat edge, using 4-ball units

Soften lumbar area, using 2-ball units

Soften Axilla edge, using Elbows

Advanced Technique:

This Seat Shell has red flexible parts to allow anterior hinging for corrective spinal support.

Other flexible components (below: left and right) are for pressure / pain reduction during spasm.

The two photos, upper right, show a Client sitting unsupported during a clinical assessment and the far right with a full seat and the 'Door segment' closed. Before fitting, the ribs are painfully impacting the pelvis with risk of tissue breakdown in the crease; after fitting, there is significant improvement.

Client assessment before correction

after spinal correction