active user back

Custom fit without custom build

What is the Matrix Active User Back?

The Active User Back is a tightened, out-of-the-box Back that is ready to use but still shape-adjustable if needed. The Active User Back is our entry level, simplest-to-use support. The next level in 'support sequence' are the Standard and Tall Backs.

Key Features:
  • anatomically shaped and tightened but, if necessary, can be re-shaped
  • being ready-built it can be delivered very quickly even if small changes are necessary
  • competitively priced compared to non-shapeable products
  • pop on/pop off covers can be quickly removed to help see and feel through the matrix for shape changing and for exchanging covers for washing
  • small, medium and large sizes in two shapes, Lower and Middle Back for ease of selection/stocking

Lower Active User Back with Pop-on cover

Middle Active User Back (shown without cover)

Matrix Active User options:
Pop-on cover
T-Trak Lite mount, or
Pivot mount
2-Ball Layout
Height x Width
Middle Back340 x 400
13.4 x 15.8
385 x 450
15.3 x 17.8
430 x 530
17 x 21
Lower Back280 x 400
11 x 15.8
360 x 510
14.3 x 20
430 x 580
17 x 22.8